Yogamaya Trupti Ra Garam Tapas Bujheila (English)

Guys first describing about my girlfriend Ankita and one fine day She was wearing jeans with green top superb structure I was wondering and dreaming of her and she was around 19 years old 5’4 height, very fair and had very prominent features. She must be 38:32:36 and I was waiting for a chance to fuck her in lab occasionally I touched her soft melons she did not react and while doing experiment and she alone was there. She intentionally bent before me couple of times her nice soft breasts were visible to me I had a rock on and she tried grabbing my hand, my arm etc. I ignored it then and these moments kept on increasing and sometimes we used to meet purposefully without works. It was a daily routine to meet her sometime in the day at least once and one day. I was supposed to meet her at 4 pm for coffee and she was so hot on that day she invited me to her home as there was no one I take this opportunity but before me she has lots of lust for me and I came to know this on that day only .On that day she was wearing a sexy dress, due to that her melons were clearly visible. I rarely stare at private parts of any women but it was so revealing and beautiful that I could not resist. Meanwhile she caught me when I was staring at her boobs and gave hard look I felt bad but suddenly she exchanged naughty smile then she served me breakfast and after that asked me to watch TV. I did so and after half an hour she called me in kitchen and started asking about my schedule. I replied that I’ve no plans for the day then she asked me to take her to market to buy some sweets and other stuff and I agreed. She was not wearing any bra, her nipple was poking out. She was looking goddess of sex. I could not speak anything and meanwhile she was behaving very normal her behaviour was making me very uncomfortable. Finally she came and sat on my lap and started playing her soft fingers on my lips and neck line. I too started playing with her sexy curves. We were looking into each other’s eyes and finally ice broken and we indulge into a deep kiss. We started exchanging saliva. She has climbed on me and kissing each other with great passion like true lover. Meanwhile I started playing with her melons from her gown. She understood that gown was disturbing me in having those melons in bare hands. Once she freed her melons and I was amazed to see such big and stiff boobs. I could not dream about such boobs. I was astonished to touch that most beautiful pair of boob I’ve ever seen in my life. I started sucking her nipple like baby and continued for almost for 5 to 10 minutes. I was caressing her boobs in such gentle way. We were doing this at sofa so it was little uncomfortable. She asked me t follow her into her bedroom. It was fully decorated and with ambiance I was feeling more excited. I pull her on to bed and climbed on her. She was in just wearing black color net panty. I started gentle kissing her lips then on forehead then on cheeks and chin and then on neck simultaneously I was playing with her belly button. Which was so beautiful? I again started sucking her nipples. She asked me to lick her love juice and in second I jumped into her legs and started eating her pussy. It was cleanly shaved, little dark outside and having pinkish layers inside. It was very hot like some volcanoes were coming out and my cock busted out she noticed that I felt shy. She rose from the bed to her knees and placed her hands on my shoulders and put her lips to mean drove her wet tongue into my mouth. She slowly crawled towards me and the covers slipping off her and slowly revealing her great body. She is only 19 years old” she kissed my neck and ran her hands all over my chest. Then took my belt and unfastened it while i removed shirt off in a matter of seconds. She pulled down my pants, underwear and my rock hard cock sprang out at her face. Ankita took my cock in her mouth sucking and licking my cock. Mmmm, Hi to all the ISS readers, I am new to this site and it is my 1st story and it is real and 100% true one. It is not about me, it about my friend and his colleague’s sex story previously they both were working together in Sain Medicemanet pvt. ltd and when this incident happened that time they were working with Linova life science. My friends name is Tapas Kumar Mishra height 5ft 7″ he stays in Khurada Odisha and he is married to his love one. His colleague’s name is Ms. Yogamaya Pradhan Trupty height 4ft 10″ color black, at present she is working again with Sain MedicamentPvt. Ltd and posted in Cuttack Odisha and she is staying in Trupty ghose women’s hostel cuttack. Let’s start the story. My English is not good so I am writing this story in odia. Ye sampark arambha hela 2008 re,jaadi ba duhen duhin nku 2006 ru janithile.tapas sabubele trupty ra tariff kare,kuhe tuma aakhi bahut sundar tuma otha bahut komala jetebele bhi mauka mile ta sarira ku sparsha karibaku chesta kare kintu Tapas kebala trupty ra sariraku paibaku chahun hila ye bisayare ambhe duhen sabubele katha hau. Tapas kahuthila bahut sighra se samaya assi jiba. Mun jetebele taku pacharili kana tu satare trupty ku baha habu to wife ku divorce deiki. Sie mate spasta bhabe kahilaki my wife is everything for me aau trupty kebala mora sarira ra bhoka pain. Mote trupty sangare kebala majja nabara achi je parjyanta kehi na jananti.Semanankara milanara mun eye witness mote aagaru Tapas kahithila kebe trupty ku sie ta ghara ku anniba aau kahi thila camera neiki shooting karibaku. Se dina Tapas ghare kehi na thanti kebala tapas,trupty aau tanka room re mun luchiki thae. Tapas trupty ra otha re chumbana dela jemiti trupty pura pagala hoigala. Trupty tapas ra mukhamandala ku chumbana re adruta kari dela. Sate jemiti bahut dinaru bhoka re thila aau ajji tara bhoka sosa menti ba. Trupty ra hata tapas ra pant kholiba re byasta thila ta tapas ra dahada hata trupty baama dudha breast ku chipiba arambha kari dei thila. Trupty tapas ra pant kholi tara banda Dick ku hatare nei kheliba arambha kari deithila tapas ra banada pura thia hoijaithila. Tapas ra 4 inch ra banda jemiti khoji buluthila Trupty ra Bia vagina ku. Dui jananka niswas re pura room ta garji uthuthila.Tapas trupty ra salwar kholi dela,trupty kebala bra chidar re thila tapas bra upere trupty ra bhundi nipple ku chucumi arambha kari dela. Trupty akhi band kari ki majja nau thila tapas ra hata ebe trupty ra chudidar ra nada kholi baku prayas karu thila kichi samaya pare trupty kebala tara black bra aau panty re thila aau tapas kebala ta chadi re thila tapas trupra bra ku gote jhatka re kholi dela aau trupty duita tennis ball bhali dudha tapas akhi samna re thila tapas pagalanka bhali trupty ra bhundi ku tara dui anguthi re dal baku lagila aau trupty othaku chuchumibare lagila. Trupty ra Jibha tapas mukhare epata sepata heuthila. Trupty atma bibhora hoi uthuthae aau ta pati ru kebala umm haa umm hammm sabdh. Tapas ku kahiba ku lagi haan semiti kara bhari bhala laguchi ajji mote khai ja aa mo dudha ku jor re kamudi dia uhhhhhhh ahhhhh. Tapas prathame dahana pata dudha ku paati re nei ki mana bhari chuchumila punu bama paata dudhaku nei chuchumila trupty pura exited hoijaithila. Tara nipple duita bada bada hoi jaithila,tara panty re oda spot bhi hoi jaithila. Trupty akhi band kariki majja nau thila. Tapas ku trupty pura ulagna kari deithila aau trupty kebala tar a black panty re thila trupty kamana ra sesha sima re pahanchi jaithila. Trupty jor re kahiba ku lagi tapas aau sahi hauni mora sosa mentai dia please mote pura langala karidianaaaa tapas Asste asste chumbana dei dei assiki trupty ra nahi navel re khelila ta pare trupty ra panty ku danta re kamudi ki taku langala karidela.Ebe duijana jaka pura langala hoi jai tile,trupty ra chati jor jor re upera tala h authila. Trupty tapas ra banda ku jor re upera tala kari ba lagila tapas ku bahut majja laguthila tapas trupty ku kahila besi hala aa na rasa bahari jiba. Tapas ra bandaru dui drop rasa bahari padithila. Trupty bia ru paani jari bare lagithila ta bia chik chik chaduthila bia rasa re charipakhare thiba bala oda hoi jaithila. Ghare kehi nathibara ajji pura pura phaida uthau thille. Jemiti tapas trupty ra bia re gotae anguthi puraila trupty pagala hoi ta anta waist ku uperaku uthai dela tapare tapas dui ta anguthi purai la aau sesha re tapas tara 3 anguthi purai ki anguthi ku bahara bhitara kariba ku lagila. Mun yeha dekhi ki acharjya hoi gali aau jani parili trupty puruna kiladi. Agaru bahuta thara nichaya gian fuck khaichi. Kichi samaya pare trupty jor re chitkar chadi khata upere padigala,Trupty rasa jhari padi sarithila tapas ra anguthi gudika trupty ra bia paani re chik chik chaduthila. Trupty dhire ki tapas kana re kahila mora bohi gala,bahut dina pare atma santi hele. Trupty kahuthila mora ta bohi gala ebbe mun tumara rassa bahara karbi,kahiki trupty tapas ra banda ku paati re nei ki chuchumi bare lagila. Tapas ra pura banda trupty ra muhan re luchi gala,jemiti laguthila trupty gote besya aau hassi hassi tapas ra banda ku lally pop bhali chuchumu thila. Trupty tapas banda ku chuchumi chuchumi tara laala re chikana kari deithila. Tapas mana bhari majja nauthila taku ajji ta wife chada aau gote bia ra swada miliba tapas mane mane bhabu thila kete dinaru ye randi ku gein bi boli plaan kari thili aau ajji plan success hela. Asste asste tapas ra sarira sakta haba re lagi la,tapas trupty ku kahila mora bahari padiba aau trupty muhan ru banda ta bahara kari dei ki jor re halaibaku lagila,tapas ra bandaru paani pichkari marila pari truty upere padila aau tapas halia hoi ki trupty ku kundhai khata uere padigala kichi samaya pare tapas trupty ra dudhare kheli baku lagila yeha dekhi trupty Muhanre hasa kheligala aau trupty tapas ra banda ku hata mutha re dhari ki dabaiba ku lagila. Trupty puni thare garam hebare lagithila trupty akhi band kari tapas banda ku halauthae aau sahi na pari tapas ku kahila upera ku assijaa aau mote gianh,mun aau sahi paruni mo bia re tuma banda purai ki guanh. Tapas trupty ra goda duitaku dui side kari dei trupty bia upere banda taku raki dei dhaka marila tapas ra banda aaram re trupty bia bhitare hajji gala. Tapas asste asste nijja gandi ku agga pacha kari baku lagilla trupty muhan ru khahi baharu thae haan tapas emiti gianh,bhala laguchi tapas. Tapas ra talle talle trupty bhi nijja gandi halai baku lagila,ghara ta sara pach pach sabdh re kamputhae.Tapas ra sarira puni thare sakta habare lagilla sei trupty ku kahila mora bahari padi ba trupty kahu the thapas ku ki aau kichi samaya geinh bakku. Trupty tapas ku kahuthila ki tara ye parjyanta paani baharini kintu tapas sehi muhurta re trupty bia re tara paani chadi dei trupty upere padigalla. Sei rati re Tapas trupty ku aau 2 times gehinla aau sabuthara trupty ra paani bahari ba aagaru tapas ra bahari paduthila. Trupty muhan re santusta ta dekha jaunathila. Mun ye sabu dekhi ki bahut garam hoi jaithili aau bhabu thili jai ki trupty gianhti ki taku santusta karidianti kintu yeha sambhaba Nathila tenu mun mo banda ku halai halai dui thara rasa bahara kali. Mane bhabili dine na dine trupty ku mun gehin bi yemiti tapas aau trupty ra reletion aagaku badhi chali thaye trupty tapas ra gianh payeen pagala heijauthae kintu trupty aau tapas ra relation bisayare tapas ra wife jannibaku payeela tapas aau tara wife Madhya re jhagada hella. Tapas ta wife ku promise kalla ki sie kichi relation rakhibanahin sethi payeen trupty suiside ra prayas Madhya karithila. Tapare trupty 2009 september re lenova chadi ki puni Sain join kariki Hyderabad chaligala yepate tapas ra jibana re aau gote jhia trupty jaganei nella ta sangare tapas ra saririka khela arrambha hoigala. Bodh hue trupty ku Madhya Hyderabad re kie mili jaithiba puni aau sie tara bho mentaithiba ebe sie 1 and ½ yrs helani cuttack chali assichi. Puni nua bakra dhari chi. Jadi trupty ku nijja ra bed ku naba ku chahun cha tebe ta sangare cuuttack re contact kari pariba sain medicament pvt. ltd Mora ye story ra reply pare mun mora next story Tapas aau tara nua relation bisaya re lekhibi. I kissed her entire body lips neck nipples and her pussy and I made my cock ‘s journey inside her yet tight pussy she is a virgin yet and it was too difficult she shouted in pain and please me not to continue and I caressed her softly and after few strokes everything was normal and I fucked her hardly she was shouting like a mad and enjoying with pleasure.

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