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Comment Policy

Welcome to the Bhauja Comment Policy

When you comment on bhauja, you trust us with your information. This comment policy states which comments are allowed and which comments are not allowed. When you are commenting on in any story, sometimes your comments not approved immediately and even it is not online since a long. For this you have to understand this policy. So before comment on Bhauja read this statement carefully.

Information we collect when comment:

Information like “Your Name”, “Your email” and Your IP secretly recorded to eliminate fraud interaction.  It makes Bhauja secure  and avoid bots with allowing real common human.

Which Type Comments not are allowed:

As per our new policy it strictly avoids to publish comment which contains users deep personal information like mobile number, skype id, whatsapp no, messanger or any social connection related details. Publicly displaying any email id in your comment  will make your comment to be unapproved.

So it clearly said that we will not accept any comment which contains any website other than, mobile no, email id in comment body. But email on “You Email” must have to mentioned.

Why Mobile number and email id like persoanl info. Not Allowed on Comment Body?

It was seen that many users are placing false number, sometimes many one placing girls number, which makes women harassment. We love to make fun but we will not take the responsibility of destruction or unsocial activities.

  • If you are running escort service or providing personal sexual service and want to place your number on bhauja, then mail to for booking an ad space on

Comments we love:

Comment which is related to story which states about your reaction on story, reaction to author, your personal feelings on story. Comments related to service and it’s improvement, suggestion are most welcome to be published and recorded for future improvement.