Bhabhi Mujhse Chudne Ke Liye Betabi He

Bhabhi Mujhse Chudne Ke Liye Betabi He hindi sex story
Bhabhi Mujhse Chudne Ke Liye Betabi He hindi sex story

Odia Sex Stories Hindi Sex Stories par aap aaj ek pyasi bhabhi ki kahani padhne ja rahe hen, aurat ki chut ki khujli na sah pane wali ek bhabhi jo devar ki lund pe dil laga liya, to maja lijiye isi chudasi kahani…. aur bataiye ki kese lagi ye chudasi kahani…

Doston mai hoon Sanjay. Vaise HILMS par shayad sabhi mera profile jante hai. Mai 40+, married from Thane(Mumbai) . Mere Anubhav aur fantacy se mai apke Lund aur choot ko relax dene ki puri koshish karta hoon, vaise kuch female ko maine real me maja bhi diya hai, lekin unka naam nahi bataunga, woe k baar ke baad dusari baar ka betaabi se intezar karti hai. Yehi mere liye bahut hai. Mere jyadatar Anubhav meri bhabhiyon (real/padosan/ friends wife) ke sath huye hai. Net par jo mili unhe bhi mai bhabhi hi kehta hoon, kyuki bhabhi shabd me ek alag Ranjanance hai aur mere Lund ko bhabhi ki chudayi sunte hi jyada josh aa jata hai. Kuch Kunwari ko bhi maine bhabhi kehkar hi unki seal todi hai.lekin aaj mai apko mera ek bemisal Anubhav meri pyari aur sexy cousin bhabhi ke sath kaise hua ye batane wala hoon. Unka naam hai Ranjana. Wo bahut hi pyari aur khoobsurat hai. Uske looks aur uski harkate mere lund ko jaga deti hai, sirf meri kya job hi unhe dekhega uska hi Lund sote se jag jayega, uski nokdar chuchiyan, uske kamar ke jhatke aur fir uski gol gol matakti huyi pyaari si gaand. Mai to jab bhi unhe dekhta hoon Lund pant faadkar bahar aane ko betaab ho jata hai. Mai unse milne ke baad jab bathroom jata hoon to na chahte huye bhi kabhi kabhi mujhe muth mar kar Lund ko shant karma padta hai.She just makes me go mad everytime I look at her now also after exploring her so many times. Well here it goes. Ranjana is 30 yrs old with a figure of 34-30-32. On top of this she has got black shiny eyes which attract any passerby like anything, with those blond hair falling till her waist. She generally wears sarees..Those chiffon ones. or suits also with short sleeves n see through types. Unke badan ko unke kapadon ke upar se hi mehsus kiya ja sakta hai.I know some people have started imagining her beauty. I always admired her beauty and shagged quite a lot thinking of having her on my bed. And well it happened last month itself. Don’t worry my story isn’t like others people’s in which the family goes out or the same old plot. My experience took place at home only when everyone was in Thane(mumbai) . And it still keeps happening in tits n bits even my mom and dad and bhaiya are at home. Sounds amazing na. lekin ye sach hai. Keep reading friends n babes who might writes back to me immediately. Well one afternoon me and bhabhi were returning from the market. And mom has gone to massi’s house and she was supposed to be back in 2-3 hours. We crossed Vandana cinema and over there the movie “Ek Choti Si Love Story ” was being played. She simpply asked me ki Sanjay tumne ye film dekhi hai?maine kaha “nahi”.fir maine puncha “bhabhi tumne dekhi ye film?”unhone kaha”nahi.. lekin dekhna chahati hoon.” Maine thodi shararat se puncha “kyu?’. Unhone behichak kaha “ ki being frank I want to know what scenes are there that have created this havoc.” I said oh yeah.. Then I got the courage and asked her..hey bhabhi have u seen any adult movie.. This movie shows a very small clip or trailer of whats shown in adult movies. Now we are getting frank. She said nops..i haven’t seen any adult movie either. Now I thought yes I have a chance.I asked her Bhabhi u wana see an adult movie? she looked in my eyes and asked .”R u serious.”. I said “yes”…if u want we can go home n watch a a movie. even mom’s not at home. she hesitated but agreed soon…the whole way back home I was excited ki aaj mujhe shayad bhabhi ko chodane ka mauka mil jaye….we reached home and entered my room..maine unse kaha ki “be comfortable and switched On the AC…Then I said u wanna see a hindi or an English movie..unhone kaha “koyi bhi dekh lungi, isase kya farak padega “then I opened my CD shelf and took out an amazing…one of the best one have English CD…as this is my chance to grab her…..i told her to be comfortable on the bed and played the movie and in the meantime opened a bottle of beer. I took the bottle and jumped on the bed and asked her if I can see the movie after lying on her laps.She said fine.n I also offered her the beer. She had never tasted but still as the movie had started and it seemed her temperature had started rising so she took the bottle and gulped a bit. We are watching the movie with some kissing and smooching scenes. And then the guy starts taking off the babes’ clothes…and the guy started pressing the babes boobs and made her lie on the bed n suck her boobs and suck them..bite them..lick them.caress them…suddenly I felt a hand on my chest pressing me hard.I looked back n saw it was Ranjana dear’s hand…..she had started getting aroused and said to me…just stop it….I cant take it..I need your bhaiya if u wanna play this movie..I told her ki he’s not here but I’m here..she looked in my eyes…and later I knew even she had an eye on me…suddenly she started kissing my cheeks…then the lips. and we got wild in minutes…I felt as if her heat was long inside her and wanted 2 come out soon….we were kissing passionately while the movie was also playing…then I made her lie down n opened the buttons of her black sleeveless blouse with my teeth. I could very well smell the perfume which was making me go more mad…I cud not imagine I’m getting my luck aaj….even she was desperate for it. and wanted more. took off her blouse and turned her around 2 tease her….and Started massaging her back with hot olive oil and scratching her back…..she was getting more n more aroused….. and said ki don’t tempt and do the main thing…u really seem to b experiences and even ur bhai has never been so good. I said. wait dear. this is the starting…then I rolled her back……took some ice cubes dipped with lemon juice and started smooching them on her tits which were getting hard and red…the heat of her body was meeting the wetness and coldness of the ice….but we were enjoying. Now I started sucking.biting. .Caressing. ..rolling my tongue over the luscious chunchis…. and ice moved down to her navel….and dropped some juice water inside her navel which suddenly brought shiver in her body….well as her saree was already off. I moved down to remove the silk petticoat which went off with just 1 hand…..and here the ..Hot…Wet kingdom. Love hole was there…waiting for me. But I wanted to tempt her and tease her more… this time she was just lying down. as we had decided today I’l do whatever I want…and next time…as now the doors of hesitation and courtesy have opened…its going to be her chance….so I was doing all my part enjoying myelf.whole aal this while she was moaning… Her pink lips which had been shaved just that morning only were waiting for me…..I took some honey in my hand and slapped the upper part of her pussy…she shouted…I said dear. don’t worry…I’m giving u cries…I’ll give u pleasure 2…..the whole honey hands were slamming her pussy top area…then slowly I went down started fingering her…..then as she wanted more and more….I at 1 go…inserted my 4 fingers in her loose pussy which has been fucked many times….but the fingers were full of chocolate sauce…..cold sauce….it was an enjoyable n terrible experiences for her. Chocolate sauce.honey. .Lemon juice……her legs were spread….n chocolate sauce dripping out with white cum…As I felt she reached an orgasm….she had smiles..n a bit look of satisfaction. ..but then I inserted my tongue n started tongue fucking her…..She goes ki your brother never did it…n tongue fucking is really enjoyable… .giving lot of pleasure…and now she had lost all control n straight away said…honey fuck me. I want your Lund inside. The 8″….i wan 2 take this monster and fat lund. I said “bhabhi bahut dard hoga. Tumhari choot ka ched bahut chota hai, she said “lets see this also. how better you are in this than your bro”….but I wanted her to cry for this n tempt her more…..moved my hands on her creamy…lovely. Thighs…and licked them…put some cream on them. Massaged the thighs…..but as I had brought that current in her…she just wanted the FUCK…..but I said. Honey dear. Next time. till then. you control and fill that urge and desperation. …..she cried plzzzzz fuck me aaj. want to enjoy everything today….but I said ki no. But she just ride on my chest and set my Lund on her tiny choot hole and without thinking the result she jerked her hips down and there was a loud shreak aaahhhhhh.. mar gayiiiiiii… I saw tears in her eyes, she lied on my chest and my half Lund was in her choot and she was bleeding.. but she didn’t pull out my lund. After few min I started jerking her and hold her gaand and took her below me, now I was on top , usne apne pair pure faila liye maine uski chunchiya chusate huye pehale dheere se aur baad me jor se lund ko bahar khinch k eek dhakka diya gili choot ko kakadi ki tarah fadta hua mera lund uski choot me ghus gaya.. us din sirf ek baar hi maine bhabhi ko choda , uski halat kharab ho chuki thi. Kisi tarah wo uthi.. bed bhi khoon se laal ho gaya tha.. aur choot ki halat to bahit hi kharab ho gayi thi. 2 din bhabhi ne garam pani se choot ko senk diya .friends we did have a fuck session after 3 days only…


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